EPIC ADVENTURE  VIDEO - British Virgin Islands

 Sailing Vacation by Ocean Tales Adventures  (British Virgin Islands)

Follow  the routes of Golden Spanish Armada and the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Dive and explore the shipwrecks of Anageda and Coral Reefs of Virgin Islands archipelago.

Visit "The Baths", a spectacular granite rock formation on the beach of Virgin Gorda.  Relax at "Saba Rock" and "Bitter End" yacht club.    Dine and dance to reggae tunes at Foxie's  and enjoy the party at Willie's T  pirate ship anchored at Bight Bay.    

Hop between islands and enjoy;  sun,  warm water  and  tropical breeze.

Ocean Tales - Adventures is a Vancouver Based  company  offering sailing  yacht charter Vacation in the best cruising destination,  the British Virgin Islands.

We provide a unique experience through superb quality service to our sailors and passengers.   We charter fully equipped catamarans and mono-hull yachts,   bare-boat or crewed with Captain.

Book your tropical vacation with us and discover the beauty of the Virgin Islands with family and friends.

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This is the best vacation we have ever had!  Sun, turquoise water, friendly people and a spacious yacht.

It's hard to ask for more. My kids asked to return here even before we returned home.

Andrew   Toronto Ont.


Absolutely the most amazing time!  Great boat, great skipper, perfect sailing environment.  The treasure hunt was fun.  

Kandre  Vancouver, B.C.




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