Do I need visa to enter BVI?

European Union citizens, US and Canada citizens don't need visas to enter BVI. Upon entering BVI territory, you will be granted 30 day visa by immigration official at terminal. You can apply of visa extension at government building located in Road Town on main island of Tortola.  


Can I sail to USVI?

US Virgin Island are separated from BVI by narrow, les than mile wide strait. Everyone who want to go  and visit USVI from Tortola must have valid passport and for Polish citizens a valid US entry visa. If you are going to sail into USVI you must clear customs and emigration in BVI and US.  A narrow strait between two territories is observed constantly by US agencies.

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Do I need any immunization shots?

Carribean are mostly free of any disease which would require preventive shots, also water because is desalinated is free of any bacteria or minerals. Check with your local authorities for up to date information.

Do I need a permits to fish, dive, sail or extra insurance?

Fishing is allowed in BVI as long as you posses a valid  Fishing License. Spear fishing and possession of spear gun is illegal in BVI. Do not bring it into BVI, it will be confiscated by authorities. There are severe penalties with confiscation of the yacht, if you be cached using this method of fishing.

Diving is a popular activity and there is practically no restricted areas for diving. There is several dive centers offering dive lesions and equipment rental. Don't forget you dive card if you planning to dive or rent equipment. Our yachts are supplied with snorkeling gear. 

Sailing in BVI territory require you to purchase cruising permit 2$ per day per person, BVI Search and Rescue donation 2$ per person, Park permit 25$ per week for up to 4 people and 5$ for each person above 4 per week. We can assist you in getting this permits.
There is a airport fee of 20$ per person to be charged during departure.

How do I get To BVI?

Air France

KLM: are flaying daily to Saint Maarten.

From Saint Maarten Caribbean airline LIA  has three flights into BVI archipelago daily.
From US the best way to get to BVI is to fly directly or via St Thomas in USVI and take ferry to Tortola.  St Thomas has direct flights or via Miami from most major US cities. 
From Canada there is two options to fly to BVI. One is to fly through US connections or by West Jet from Toronto to Saint Maarten and then by LIAT to Tortola BVI.

Where do I but provisioning?

There is a couple well supplied supermarkets on Tortola and several smaller groceries shops in most settlements.  You can buy provisions in supermarkets over internet ,phone or fax. They will delivery your groceries to boat.


Is there any extra fees should know about?

We are charging 2500$ security deposit for damages and loss of inventory which is refundable within two weeks after charter. Inventory list and repairs required is filled before and after charter. Above list can be compared with previous charters lists. If there is just normal tear and wear of the equipment you will not be charged.

You can purchase non refundable damage insurance at 50$ a day which will limit your exposure to 1000$ if damage will occur. Boat must be filed up with diesel fuel and gas for dingy. 50$ service fee and cost  of fuel will apply if we have to tanked for you. Boat will be full on beginning of the charter.


Is there sailing area restrictions.

There is no restricted sailing areas but we reserve the right  to put that restrictions in place. We will ask you to fill cruising plan before leaving marina. Most charter companies will not allow them boats to sail to Anegada island. It will mostly depends on your sailing qualifications and weather conditions.

Cell phone coverage.

Cell phone signal is receivable throughout most of BVI territory. Strength of the signal is sometimes questionable. Most of marinas, restaurants and pubs offers free WiFi signal. We are renting cell phone with 1GB internet data for 100$ per week and 150$ deposit in case of loss or damage.


We require that you deposit 50% of the money within 10 days of booking and balance 45day before charter. Security deposit can be paid one week before your charter. If you change your plans within one week after booking we will refund full amount minus banking fees.  If cancelation occurs after full payment at 45 days we will refund your deposit less 500$ only if we will find replacement for your charter. we strongly advise to purchase cancellation insurance from your travel agent.


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